About Me

About me


Hi there! I’m Jordy, a game developer from the Netherlands. I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I’m pursuing a master’s degree in Game Technology at the IT University of Copenhagen. I previously worked on a series of undisclosed educational games at Firebrush studios (now Pillar games) and on Timebenders at Oogbaard.

I got into games like most, playing them as I grew up, but I only got into game development during my bachelor’s in Computer Science. To compensate for my late start, I’ve been involving myself as much as possible with game development ever since, going to every game jam, conference and meet-up I can, as well as organizing my own.

I would currently describe myself as a generalist game programmer with a preference for gameplay, AI and tool programming. I’d summarize my coding style as quality of quantity. Although I’m all for implementing a quick prototype to confirm a design decision, when implementing a system, I love to take a bit of extra time beforehand, to design a nice architecture and I write my code with an eye on readability, adaptability and performance.

In the future I’d love to make systems-driven games, where interesting stories and situations emerge from the way the systems meet and interplay. I love reading about the stories that players tell from games like Rimworld and Darkest Dungeons, and I hope to evoke similar responses with the games I make.

In my free time I like to play board and video games, read RPG rulebooks and play with my pet birds, Sunny and Vinn.

You can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn or contact me in more traditional ways:

E-mail: jordy_van_opstal@live.nl

Dutch phone: +31 1988 3503

Danish phone: +45 20 88 93 36